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Beyond the famed sun kissed pristine beaches and tranquil backwaters, Kerala also offers rolling high ranges of the Western Ghats along the eastern edge of the state. These dense forests, meandering roads and intense waterfalls offer the unmatched combo of natural beauty and adventure. The Ghats are the source of numerous small and large waterfalls which cascade through the thick forests making for some memorable sights. The milk like streams in this magnificent natural setting refreshes any tired soul. This write-up aims to educate you on some of the important waterfalls in Kerala

Athirapally Waterfalls:

Athirapally waterfalls, famous for its film shoots and as a tourist destination offers a magnificent sight as the Chalakudy River takes an 80 feet plunge. Amidst the green foliage at the entrance of the Sholayar forests, the river tumbles down onto dark granite below making for a brilliant sight. Located hardly 80km from Kochi city, you can enjoy the falls from the top of the rocks or take a trek down the forested hill to the foot of the falls.

Vazhachal Waterfalls

Located around 70 km from Thrissur and hardly 5 km from Athirapally, this is yet another waterfall at the entrance of the Sholayar. This majestic fall of the Chalakudy river in the setting amidst green foliage and rocky terrain is an awesome sight. Vazhachal along with Athirapally make for an excellent picnic spot.

Meenmutty Waterfalls

The folklores of Wayanad readily claim Meenmutty waterfalls to be the largest and the most dazzling waterfall in the whole of Wayanad. On reaching the point, we can gaze at the sheets of water falling nearly 300 meters down a cliff in three distinct stages. The long woods, greenish hillsides peppered with plantations are additional attractions. Here, we need to prepare for a hike up to 2 km through the forest.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Located around 75 km from Kollam and part of the Thenmala eco-tourism project, this majestic fall cascading from a height of 300m is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Kerala. Palaruvi literally means milky stream and the fall truly lives up to its name. The water collects in pond in which visitors can take a dip. The trek up to the fall through dense jungle and the setting in the back drop of greenery makes this location a memorable experience. The falls are fully managed by the local community in the area.

Thommankuthu Waterfalls

Located near Thodupuzha, this palace is famous for numerous waterfalls. This seven-step waterfall from a height of 1500m is a magnificent sight. For each of steps in the cascade there is a pool beneath before the next step offering numerous possibilities for having a tip. To enjoy this place to the fullest, undertake an adventurous trek up to the top (Approximately 12 km)of the hill at the source of the fall. The safer zone is the shallow pools below are available for the less adventurous. The falls are named after tribal leader Thomban who was washed away near the waterfall.

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